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Backward Chain Sound

You may hear this type of rattling if you have installed your chain backwards.

Some chains are uni-directional and must be installed in the proper orientation.
Video Credit: Anthony Cooper

Root Cause

Some manufacturers produce directional chains which must be installed in the proper orientation to work correctly. The main difference between them is the chamfer on the edge of the outer plates on each link. When the chain is installed backwards, the chamfer is aligned in opposition to the teeth instead of complementary. The result is the strong clicking sound, and associated feeling through the pedals over each chain link.

Steps To Resolve

Remove the chain, and install it in the correct orientation, with the stamped side facing outward.

Additional Information

Updated on January 1, 2019

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  1. I get this sound with an omni-directional chain (XMC). What could be the cause then?

    When I rotate the the crankset it feels like it is the magnets within the Neo which are causing the chain to skip.

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