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Bottom Bracket Bearings Sound

If the bottom bracket has gone dry (displaced grease) or the bearings have degraded functionality due to intrusion of water / sweat, the result is a loud crackling and squeaking sound throughout the entire pedal stroke.

Demonstration of degraded bottom bracket bearings sound.
Video Credit: Robert von Frenckell

Root Cause

During normal use of your bicycle indoors or outdoors, the bearings at all parts of the bicycle should be periodically inspected and maintenanced. Sweat is extremely harmful to bicycle parts and can quickly degrade bicycle parts wherever it seeps in.

Steps to resolve

Replace your bottom bracket bearings, or have your bicycle mechanic perform this task for you if you do not own the proper tools.

Additional Information

In the particular case illustrated in the video, the bottom bracket bearings needed to be replaced even though they had only 2000 kilometers of use. Some bearings have had to be replaced at just 500 kilometers! Keep your bike clean to help your parts last.

Updated on October 11, 2019

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