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Creaking Frame Sound

This is a rather uncommon sound, though we acknowledge that it is a problem. The source of the creaking is deceptively difficult to troubleshoot.

An example of a creaking Neo frame
Video Credit: Kevin Moncrieff

Root Cause

At this time, we cannot say conclusively what the root cause of the creaking is, as many different approaches have been successful. In some cases, it is clearly the two “shell” halves of the case slipping against each other. In other cases, it has been the leg hinges. In other cases, it has been the disc itself touching the inner plastic of the frame while the disc is in motion. In yet other more extreme cases of creaking and folding, Tacx has replaced the entire Neo.

Steps To Resolve The Problem

  • Check the Neo to ensure there are no obvious loose screws on the plastic case. See the exploded diagram below for all of the screw locations.
  • Check each hinge on the folding legs, and apply a light lubricant as needed.
  • With your bike attached to the Neo, gently apply lateral pressure to see if you can determine where the movement is taking place. If it is taking place at the disc, you should contact Tacx support.

Additional Information

Not long ago, Shane Miller discovered the source of his 2016 Neo creaking was located behind the disc, requiring removal of the disc and application of lubricant within. As Shane correctly points out, this is not an approved method of addressing the problem, but it was effective for his particular case.

Shane Miller investigates the creaking noise
Updated on December 16, 2018

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  1. The allen bolts that hold the disc in place on the non-drive side of the Neo can cause creaking. I recently undid the bolts and re-tightened them. This has stopped the creaking noise. It wasn’t the hinges which you would have expected.

    1. Just did the same this morning: simply unscrew then re-tighten one of the screws on non-drive side solved the issue.
      Having someone swinging left and right on the bike helped me a lot to localize the noise source.

  2. Hi there, glad I found this site, it’s a great resource.

    The creaking on my Neo 2T came from the bottom centre blue plastic cover, on the LED side.
    When pedalling and moving from side to side, it would creak and drive me insane, to the point I did not ride indoors anymore.

    The solution (quarantine / lockdown motivated me to sort it) for the creaking was very simple, took about 5 minutes from start to finish, after I realised where the creaking comes from and what would sort it.

    I folded the 2 sides, laid on one side, unscrewed all torx screws that hold the cover attached (8 in total iirc and 4 of them are hidden behind the 4 black rectangular leg caps), smeared a small amount of lithium grease on a tissue ( CV joint grease is what I had on hand, I’m sure other types of grease work just fine) and just dabbed the edges of the plastic covers that were rubbing against eachother. There’s no need to cake it in grease. A very small amount of grease is required, less is more in this case. Screw the cover back on and voila.

    Very important note !!!
    After removing all screws DO NOT yank the cover off, as the electric wires that power the led are INCREDIBLY SHORT and there’s a high risk of damaging them, pull the cover very gently, also, you will be working in a very tight space.

    My theory is that the 2 wires alone actually keep the cover in place and the 8 screws are just a safety net, also that’s where all savings on the retail price come from, it would probably cost another £500 on top of the £1199.99 retail if the 2 wires used were 10mm longer.

    Joking aside, the trainer itself is brilliant, except plastic covers on metal frame is a stupid design choice by Tacx. Should have just left the metal frame, would have been even quieter without the whole case echoeing the vibrations produced when riding.

    Hope my solution helps someone that was driven to complete madness by the plastic case creaking.
    I’m confident the same method can be applied to any part of the case where creaking comes from plastic rubbing against plastic, or metal.

    1. Thank you so much, Cosinus. Your tip helped me to solve one of the two big noise issues I have with my Neo 2T. For the second one, I am waiting for the extractor.

  3. Mine is doing the same.
    I also have s vibrating chain (maybe it is because the chain, cassette and crank are all used but each on a different bike). This amplifies the creaking.
    Initially I have tighten more the bolts on the drive side that keeps the plastic cover. First seconds, was better, then worse. I ended by adding some rubbery thing between plastic covers and not tightening to the end the screws but only on the top, because I tested this without taking bike out from trainer. This helped for the pre 250W seated, but if stand up or kick to 300W which is past my FTP, everything starts creaking.
    Next step is to do the same on the bottom where i can feel by hand that plastic covers can move one to another and creak. Next will be to buy an extractor do the entire maintenance also, including the O-Ring stuff to get rid from occasional whoop whoop.

  4. Hi,

    I have a Neo 1 and it appears that the same noise is present and it appears the disc is moving back and forth laterally as I pedal.
    I will be contacting TACX support

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