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Disc Squeaking Sound

This is an extremely rare sound created by friction between the o-rings and the bearing seal at the back of the Neo axle.

An example of the sound you might hear if one of the o-rings begins to move
Video Credit: Pal Sorvolli

Root Cause

This can occur when the bearing seal at the back of the Neo protrudes past the inner race. The bearing seal touches the o-ring, creating the rubber squeal. Because the bearing seal is harder than the o-ring, this friction will quickly deteriorate the outer o-ring, leaving a shredded bits of rubber inside the Neo and wedged in the bearing seal.

Shredded bits of o-ring clinging to the axle, and collecting within the Neo 2
Photo Credit: Pal Sorvolli
Bits of o-ring wedged into the bearing between the bearing seal and the inner race
Photo Credit: Pal Sorvolli

Steps To Resolve

This is an extremely rare sound, and so it shouldn’t be too surprising that you’re going to need some expert assistance from Tacx support.

  1. Create a video of the sound that you’re hearing.
  2. Send an email to support@tacx.com and attach your video.
  3. Tacx should send you a disc extractor and an o-ring kit, because you will need to replace the damaged o-ring.
Do Not Use

Do not operate your Neo while you’re waiting for parts from Tacx. Additional contamination of the Neo internals may occur as the fans move air through the Neo, potentially moving bits of rubber into the fans.

  1. Remove the Neo disc, and very carefully vacuum any bits of material from within the Neo, ensuring that none of the particles fall down the vents.
  2. Cover the vents with a piece of residue-free gaffer’s tape.
  3. Remove any remaining bits of o-ring from the Neo spindle.
  4. Install the new o-rings from the kit you received from Tacx.
  5. Remove the tape that was covering the lower vents
  6. Reinstall the Neo disc

Additional Information

Here is a video from Tacx describing the process of removing and reinstalling the Neo disc. Please follow any additional instructions that you receive from Tacx support.

Updated on January 1, 2019

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