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Object In Fan Sound

An example of what the fan will sound like when the blades encounter an object
Video Credit: David Schofield-Newton

Root Cause

The Neo has two centrifugal fans with radial blades, one just above the power inlet, and the other at the front of the Neo. The fan in the rear of the Neo is directly below the top thermal vent, so anything which happens to fall into the vent has at least some chance of falling into the fan. There, it may either contact the blade, resulting in a tapping sound.

Steps To Resolve

The best solution is to contact support@tacx.com and attach a video of the sound you are experiencing. Tacx may first ask you to invert your Neo to try to dislodge whatever foreign object is touching the fan, but typically they will offer to exchange the Neo for service.

We don’t recommend trying to shake your Neo upside down without some assistance. The Neo is heavy and awkwardly shaped, so unless Tacx specifically asks you to do this, don’t.


Any time you move the Neo from location to location, particularly in your vehicle, there is a potential for contamination. We definitely recommend covering the top vent and both fan inlets with brightly colored gaffer’s tape to prevent ingress of foreign material. We recommend gaffer’s tape because it is strongly adhesive, but removes very cleanly without leaving any residue.

Remove The Tape Before Use

If you decide to seal the vents while transporting your Neo, you absolutely must remember to remove the tape before you use or plug in the Neo again. This is why we recommend brightly colored tape. Like all brightly colored things in nature, it is intended as a danger warning.

Failure to uncover the vents will cause overheating of your Neo, and could potentially cause permanent damage to the electrical components.

Updated on December 28, 2018

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