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Faint Tinkling / Chime Sound

If you listen carefully, you will hear this faint chiming sound coming from behind the Neo disc after the Neo has been used (even momentarily) while it is plugged in.

Video Credit: Jason Pretty

Root Cause

It’s difficult to tell from this video how faint this sound is without a basis of comparison, but this is a normal sound that every Neo makes while in use. It is caused by the interaction between the electromagnets and the neodymium magnets in the Neo disc. You won’t hear this noise while the Neo is in use, but you will hear it after you’ve stopped pedaling, and the Neo has come to a stop, provided the Neo is plugged in.

To initiate the sound, plug in the Neo, and move the disc forward with your finger. You shouldn’t have to move it more than a centimeter to hear this faint chiming begin.

Once the blue LED under the Neo has switched off, you will continue to hear this sound for up to a minute.


Your Neo is working normally!

Updated on December 19, 2018

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