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Campagnolo Freehub Clacking Sound

While somewhat rare, this sound occasionally crops up.

Example of a faulty Camagnolo freehub which required replacement
Video Credit: Video Credit: ‎Bart-Ellen Moeurs Sijmons‎

Root Cause

Generally, there are two causes for this clicking.

The first is a freehub that has not been serviced often enough, leaving the spindle without sufficient lubricant. If your Neo develops this clacking after a long period of use (six months or more), this is probably the cause.

The second cause is a faulty freehub. Sometimes… things are just wrong straight out of the box.

Steps To Resolve

If your Neo is brand new and this is the sound you are hearing, there is a possibility that your freehub was flawed when it left the factory. The best solution is to contact support@tacx.com and attach a video of the sound you are experiencing. Typically, Tacx will offer you a replacement freehub.

Otherwise, follow the simple instructions below:

  • Please wear nitrile gloves; this is a messy task.
  • Remove the axle cap on the drive side, and remove the entire cassette and freehub at the same time. NOTE: You don’t have to remove the cogs from the freehub to remove the freehub from the Neo.
  • Remove the black sleeve / cylinder from the spindle.
  • Clean the inside of the freehub, the inside and outside of the sleeve, and the length of the spindle with a dry cloth to remove any old grease.
  • Apply grease on the inside and outside of the black sleeve, and replace it on the spindle.
  • Apply grease on the inside of the freehub, and replace it on the spindle.
  • Replace the axle cap. NOTE: This should be only gently tightened, maybe 2Nm or so. Do not over-tighten.

We’ll have a demonstration video up shortly.

Updated on September 17, 2019

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