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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this site exist?

There are many sites that do a great service for gadget reviews, trainer reviews, tips and tricks, and behind the scenes for indoor and outdoor cycling. All of them cover a lot of territory, and are fantastic for picking up general information.

This site is entirely different. It focuses exclusively on Neo,  Neo 2, and Neo 2T, and related topics such as application configuration with your Neo. We say the information on the site is “an inch wide, and a mile deep” with details and videos that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Where can I find your videos?

Videos are available on our YouTube channel, generally classified by playlist. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsDIl5wTqZgzoi8Mcje4bmw

How do you pronounce Tacx?

It’s pronounced “tax”. The “c” is silent.
Special Note for Americans: NOT pronounced “Tack Ex”
Also, not written: TacX

What does Tacx mean?

Tacx is a surname, like Smith or Jones. The company was named after its founder and current CEO, Koos Tacx.

What is the purpose of the AC power adapter?

Your Neo needs AC power for downhill simulation, and for firmware updates. All other features of Neo, including Real Feel and network communications, do not require mains power.

Should I unplug my Neo between uses?

Generally, yes. The Neo has been known to be sensitive to fluctuations in current. While these can be mitigated with a surge protector with sufficient joule ratings, the surest way to protect against unwanted voltage in your cabling is to remove the connection from the mains power.

You may content yourself with a surge protector with an “off” switch, or a wall switch, but your Neo is still connected to the wiring, and a large enough surge (like a lightning strike) will make short work of your surge protector.

Additionally, while you’re actually using the Neo, it uses very little voltage, but it uses more electricity when plugged in and NOT in use. You need mains power for downhill rolling, and for firmware updates. If you’re not doing either of those things, then there is no reason to have your Neo plugged in.

What is a Newton meter?

Without going into excruciating detail about how you arrive at the value of a single Newton, suffice it to say that a single Newton is 4 ounces. A Newton meter is the gravitational force (torque) exerted upon that 4 ounce weight when hung from the end of a one meter lever, and measured at the opposite end at the axis of rotation.

Since most of us aren’t using a system of meter-long poles and weight attachments to make adjustments to our bikes, the tool we use to do the math for us is a torque wrench.

What kind of chain lube should I use?

Generally, we recommend having discrete indoor and outdoor chains (and several of each), and using the lubricant appropriate for the application. For indoor chains, contamination is generally not an issue, but noise definitely is, especially with Neo. You want the quietest lubricant you can find, and our exhaustive search for “the one” always lands on Dumonde Tech Original. It is a liquid plastic that polymerizes with the metal of your chain, and is simply the most silent lubricant we have ever tried.

That said, we are currently flirting with another indoor lubricant that shows amazing promise, and we’ll have an update once we have a verdict.

For outdoor chains, you will not find a better product than Molten Speed Wax in terms of durability, performance, and cleanliness. However, there is some setup and initial investment, so it’s not all roses. Once you try it, though, you will be hooked.

However, MSW is less pleasant indoors because it’s noisy and flings bits of cruft around the trainer. It works, but not in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

Additionally, MSW is not the answer to rainy wet roads, as the combination of wet and grit being flung by the front wheel onto your chain rings quickly abrades the wax.

How can I submit my article to Tacx Faqx for publication?

Hit us up on our contact page. Let us know what you’d like to write about, and if we like your idea, we’ll get you set up as a contributing author. Please be aware that we reserve the right to edit any content to match our publication standards.

Updated on December 4, 2019

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