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Garmin Branded Neo 2T Has No Real Feel Option in Zwift

When you connect your Garmin branded Neo 2T in China (late 2020 model) to Zwift, either by Bluetooth or ANT+, the Real Feel option does not appear in Zwift.

Screen showing that Neo 2T CN is Garmin branded, signifying a hardware change.
Photo Credit: Zhi-Yu Zhang
Photo showing that the Real Feel option is missing in Settings in Zwift.
Photo Credit: Zhi-Yu Zhang

Root Cause

Every time there is a new hardware release, Zwift must manually update the code on their end that recognizes the device as compatible with Real Feel, which then enables the toggle on the Settings screen to enable or disable the feature. Tacx / Garmin have a history of releasing new hardware without alerting their partner companies to upcoming changes, including Neo 2, Neo 2T, and Neo Bike Smart, and now the CN version of Neo 2T. This means that there is always a delay between the time new hardware is released, and Zwift has an opportunity to recognize the hardware in their software, and then publish a Zwift update.

Presently, there is no timeline for that Zwift update, so owners of Garmin branded Neo 2T will have to be a little patient while this gets sorted out between Garmin and Zwift.

Additional Information

As a courtesy, we reached out to Zwift developers to let them know about this hardware change, and will update this article as additional information becomes available.

Special thanks for Zhi-Yu Zhang for sending over this information about the new Garmin branded Neo 2T for cyclists in China. Here are some additional photos showing the new exterior.

Updated on October 21, 2020

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