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Neo 2 ANT+ Sensor IDs Are Collapsed By Some Apps And Devices

In some applications or cycling computers, the 4-digit ANT+ ID’s for Power and Speed / Cadence are collapsed under the same ID as the Neo 2 itself.


In the pairing screen of your app or device, you can see the Neo 2 as FE-C controllable trainer, but you cannot see the ANT+ Power sensor, nor the ANT+ Speed / Cadence sensor.


The application or device you are using has been programmed to display the first ANT+ ID it encounters. Any other devices sharing the same ANT+ ID are presumed to be duplicates, and are discarded by the application or device. Therefore, the sensors do not appear in the pairing list, and you cannot connect to them to receive their data.


This issue has been observed in Wahoo Elemnt cycling computers, and TrainerRoad. Both companies have been contacted by Tacx and are working on resolving the issue. The solution will need to be addressed by each company to resolve the problem in their software or firmware. This article will be updated as things change.

If you have experienced this with any other application or device, please let us know in the comments below!

Updated on December 16, 2018

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