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Neo 2 Cadence on Zwift

There is currently an issue with some Neo 2 trainers when connected to Bluetooth and iOS devices, including Apple TV.


While cycling in Zwift, cadence may drop out, or show very high numbers.


Tacx is aware of this issue with Neo 2. It does not affect all Neo 2, but does affect some. Tacx are working on a firmware solution to the problem.

Update: firmware version 0.0.18 for Neo 2 is supposed to fix the problem. If it does indeed resolve the issue, this article will be archived.

Update: firmware version 0.0.18 has been released, but has not been effective for resolving all issues related to cadence with Neo 2. It has fixed the issue for Zwift, but has created cadence issues in other applications, including the in-house Tacx Desktop App. Tacx are currently testing beta version 0.0.19, so if you are experiencing this issue, please contact Tacx Support if you want to try the beta.

Additional Information

Zwift has reported that this issue affects all products in the Tacx Smart trainer line while connected under Bluetooth. Please see the Zwift Support Article for further details.

Our Recommendation

To resolve this issue, we recommend rolling back to firmware version 0.0.15. https://tacxfaqx.com/knowledge-base/neo-2-firmware-0-0-15-rollback/

Updated on August 12, 2019

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  1. Today Feb. 2nd, 2019, I had similar problems with my Tacx Neo 2.

    During my first Zwift ride today, Cadence dropped to zero within Zwift (connected via Ant+) and within my Polar V800 (connectd via BT) after 26 minutes. I then shut down Zwift and run the Tacx Utility App to check, whether this was a Zwift or a Neo-Problem. When I connected my Neo 2 with the Tacx Utility App (iOS), i wouldn’t read out my cadence neither.

    I then updated the firmware from .16 to .18 and checked the readout with the Utility App – no issues. The only thing I noticed, was that the app showed for 1 or 2 seconds a orange chip-symbol. It said something with “cadence” when I touched it and then disappeared (greyed out).

    I then started and connected to Zwift and my Polar V800 again. At first, no issues. But after another 28 minutes or so, cadence dropped out again.

    Im running Zwift and my Neo 2 with the above mentioned setup since more than 6 weeks now with 2-3 rides a week and had no such issues before.

    1. I am still having cadence dropouts from time to time. Maybe once every ten rides. At first the cadence stops to update and after a while it drops to zero. The red status-light on my Neo 2 is then flashing.

      The Taxc Utility App (TUA) is then showing the orange chip-symbol saying there is something wrong with the cadence sensor.

      A restart of the Neo by unplugging the power cord does help. After plugging power in again after about 5 sec the sonsor works again as it should. The chip-symbol in the TUA is greyed out again.

      Though, I do not think, this is the way it is supposed to be.

  2. Hello,

    I have just updated the Firmware on my Neo 2 to Ver 0.0.18 (via Tacx Utility App on iPhone). Sadly now when using Zwift the Cadence recording has become very erratic (connection Bluetooth Tacx Neo 2).

    Any advice gratefully received.



    1. Downgrade to version .15, available on our site. Search for Firmware and you’ll find the article and all the relevant instructions.

  3. So, is this still a known issue that hasn’t been resolved? Seems like it has been quite some time and the only solution noted here is to downgrade the firmware? That doesn’t seem acceptable. Can’t you fix this with a modern/current firmware update?? My Neo 2 does this regularly on version 0.18

    1. This is still very much the case. I’m not sure why you feel it’s not acceptable, as the firmware versions that have been released since all deal specifically with cadence. Therefore, if the .15 version resolves the issue… why is that not acceptable? You just prefer a higher number because it’s a higher number?

      Some day it may be resolved, but until then… rollback is the way forward.

  4. Cadence on my neo is erratic. It will jump around plus or minus 10 to 15 rpm when cycling at a constant cadence. When is this going to be sorted out? Probably a hardware rather than firmware issue

    1. I’m curious to know if your crank arm is positioned so that it consistently triggers the cadence sensor on the Neo 2. As an experiment, you can extend your crank arm by taping a flat metal plate (like a wrench / spanner) to the inside of your left side crank arm.

      Otherwise, I’m curious to know which firmware version you’re using, and in which app you’re having this experience. Best bet is to open a support case with Tacx to improve their awareness of the issue.

  5. I purchased Neo 2 trainer in mid July. I have the same issue with cadence on Zwift. Down grade to 0.0.15 doesn’t resolve. Opened support ticket with Tacx and as workaround they’re supposedly sending speed/cadence sensor. That was over a week ago and haven’t seen any shipping info yet. Frankly, I’m not sure how that’s going to help since I have Apple TV 4k and my trainer plus cable19 ANT/Bluetooth will use both bluetooth channels. For a machine that runs well over $1k this is unacceptable support. Tacx hasn’t even performed any troubleshooting to discover the root cause. I will most likely return the unit to the seller, Clever Training, in USA. They’re more than happy to send me a new unit. Very disappointed in Tacx.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Let’s ignore how much the Neo costs, because there is no price at which we can agree we’d accept some faults. That’s a fallacious point.

      It’s important to understand the issue that you’re having, so I’m not sure what else to say. If you’re having an issue ONLY in Zwift and nowhere else, then I’m surprised the rollback to .15 did not resolve the issue. However, if you’re getting NO cadence whatsoever, that’s a different matter, probably related to your frame type and crank length.

      As far as Tacx sending a cadence sensor, this is the first I’ve heard of that solution. However, it’s exactly what Wahoo does with Kickr 2018 (not Core), so at least you’ll have a reliable solution.

      As you correctly surmised, if you’re running an Apple TV (really not a good setup, imo), then you will really need an ANT+ bridge to BT. There are a few on the market that can help you with this. The first is the Viiiiva heart rate monitor by 4iiii that can convert your ANT+ signal to BT. The second is a product called CABLE by North Pole Engineering that provides the same result.

      I’m not sure why you’re disappointed in Tacx if Clever Training is willing to send you a new unit. That’s who you bought it from, and they are contractually obligated to provide service for you as your dealer. If they’re willing to make good, you should take them up on it with the understanding that they are, in fact, responsible for supporting the product they sold, not Tacx. If you want direct support, you can purchase directly from Tacx, who does ship to the US, and you will have a different customer support experience.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. To be clear the cadence is erratic, sometimes 0 but mostly up and down. I will check with the Tacx Utility on my Iphone to see if cadence is produced there. I saw this out of the box and after down grade to 0.0.15. Is there some other troubleshooting/tests that I can do to provide Tacx with more info. No one at Tacx customer support asked any questions. I’m more than happy to investigate, measure crank arms, what have you vs. boxing this back up.

        Re support ticket I can post that here if you like. The Apple TV setup works fine along with the Cable19 that I use so I can make it all connect but it’s not ideal.

        As to your last comment questioning my disappointment with Tacx. I cannot receive a new unit until the return is made to Clever Training.

        I will not have a trainer for that period which may run 2 weeks. Perhaps longer for a direct purchase. You may find that acceptable but I do not. Moreover, to shift the support responsibility to the dealer leaves a bad taste. They don’t engineer and manufacture the machines, Tacx does.

        Again, if there’s anyway to troubleshoot the root cause I’m happy to do whatever your support organization requires vs the inconvenience of returning the product.

        1. Drew,

          Reading through the other posts I thought I’d try the experiment you suggested to Andrew. “I’m curious to know if your crank arm is positioned so that it consistently triggers the cadence sensor on the Neo 2. As an experiment, you can extend your crank arm by taping a flat metal plate (like a wrench / spanner) to the inside of your left side crank arm.”

          My crank arm extends 7 1/2 inches from center. I zip tied a box wrench which added 4 inches. Running tests from both Tacx utility and Cable19 I can now see solid cadence readings. I also upgraded to latest software and still seeing consistent readings. Can you tell me exactly where the cadence sensor is on the Neo frame? Also, I assume sensor is a magnet? Perhaps Tacx can add this to their user manual or other customer facing media as a warning.

          Thank you

          1. Hi Matt. I’m going to send you an email with a photo that shows the precise location of the cadence sensor so you have a better notion of exactly where it is inside the Neo shell. It’s directly forward of the three LEDs, roughly behind the label that reads “Neo 2” on the non drive side. In the photo, you will see the three LED lenses, and the sensor is the small circuit board with the fan attached, a few centimeters rectangular.

  6. Hi there. I just updated my Neo2, I am all-Bluetooth and Apple TV 4K. And I am experiencing this funky cadence problem. (Occasionally accurate. Occasionally zero. Occasionally way low. Never crazy high, in my experience.) Thanks in advance for advice and clarification. (1) It is my sense that the wattage is still accurate, notwithstanding the wacky cadence reading. Is that (probably) right? (2) Rather than going backwards on firmware, something I don’t know how to do, can I just put up with a wacky avatar (who puts out 350 watts up a hill without pedaling!) and expect an upgrade to resolve this problem fairly soon—or would you advise me to undo the upgrade? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Thom,

      Last week, Tacx released verion .27 of Tacx firmware. The fixes in .27 were all around ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C. Presumably, .27 also has the same fixes that .18 contained, possibly .19 but we haven’t verified that with Tacx yet. That is to say, the latest firmware doesn’t address any particular issue with cadence.

      As with other commenters in this thread, I’m curious to know if your crank arm is long enough to pass in front of the Neo’s cadence sensor.

      Unlike a strain gauge power meter, your cadence does not factor into the power reading that’s broadcast by Neo. It’s a calculation between the flywheel and the resistance unit. I’m not aware of any cadence-sensitive indoor trainers (and I own a lot of indoor trainers!), so your Neo power is presumed accurate without considering your cadence sensor.

      It’s very easy to roll back to a prior version of firmware if you’d like to try it. We provide (what we feel is) a reliable version and instructions in this article: https://tacxfaqx.com/knowledge-base/neo-2-firmware-0-0-15-rollback/

      However, if the problem is your crank arm length, it won’t be possible to resolve with a firmware update. Tacx hinted that they will be offering crank arm extenders to persons who are affected by this issue, but I do not think they are generally available at this time. You may be able to obtain one by writing to support@tacx.com and asking for one if that is the source of your cadence woes.

      1. Thank you very much for the reply. Just to clarify… If my cadence on Zwift was fine for months but then, after updating the software, my cadence was screwed up, then it’s not a problem with the length of my crank arm, right? (That’s a serious question. I’m not trying to be a wise guy.)

        1. Hi Thom,

          In that case, our recommendation, as before, is to rollback your firmware version to .15. It is our opinion (not shared by Tacx) that .15 is the most reliable when it comes to issues related to erratic cadence. When Tacx released version .18, it fixed the problem for some, and broke it for many others. Many owners were impacted, at which time we recommended to roll back to .15. Tacx continued to work on the issue with .19, but again, that did not resolve the issue.

          If you are not especially interested in the features made available in .27, we continue to recommend .15 as the most reliable.

          1. 0.0.27 Cadence is broken. Congrats, two release now and you can’t fix cadence issues that were raised 9 months ago. What exactly did I spend $1800 on?

          2. You do know that this is an owners helping owners site, correct? We’re not Tacx – we’re just here to help owners find solutions to common problems.

          3. Super. Thank you very much, Drew. For anyone else following this thread, I was unable to download the new firmware directly onto my iPhone. You may need to download it on a desktop, email the file to yourself, then pick up the file from within your email on your phone. I’m not a tech person, so maybe there was some easier workaround. But this worked for me.

  7. I noticed that the cadence works fine with my Shimano ulterga crank arms on my Madone but when I put my crux with the quarq dzero alum crank on its very erratic. I haven’t tried the crux since feb 2019 so not sure if it’s still doing that. Is it a crank material thing?

    Has anyone tested there PM against another Neo2. I put vector3 against my Neo2 and then compared against my buddies Neo2 and his read 5-10w lower is n the same erg workout. Are all Neo2 the same?!?

  8. Hi
    I have neo 2 upgraded today. And there Is still cadence problem on zwift. Can i downgrade my neo 2 to 0.0.0 Version?? My problems With cadence has started when i upgraded my neo2

    1. You can’t roll back to 0, but you can roll back to .15. For many, the problem started when upgrading from .15 to .18.

  9. I have the problem on my new NEO2T, it is showing low and flickering numbers. Watts seems to be okay.
    I just set up things and have the latest tacx and latest zwift upgrades.
    Do I need to get the Ant+ thing or what is going on?

    1. Hi Johan. My 2T also has insane cadence when connected to Bluetooth. I haven’t gotten around to complaining to Garmin about it because I typically use my power meter for cadence. I’ll take another look and make a video about this problem tomorrow afternoon during my bike workout and let you know.

  10. Hi,

    two questions:

    1) Is somebody using the FW Version 0.0.34 for the Neo 2 (T2850) and have still problems with the cadence?

    2) My girlfriend is using the Tacx Flux 2 with the Tacx Cycling App and also has cadence problems since the latest update. She is running FW 3.3.40/ 1.1.2 now. Do somebody know which is the latest working FW for the Flux 2?

    Best Regards and Thank you

  11. I am STILL having problems with cadence on my Neo 2 using Zwift, it’s never been correct. I pedal at 90-95rpm and it constantly shows 65rpm. It makes doing workouts problematic (I’m not smart enough to work out if it affects the power figures quoted on Zwift or not).

    There is also huge lag, if I slow right down and pedal v slowly for 10-15 seconds and then resume normal rpm it will take longer than that to drop, and then stay like that for ages before returning to 65 ish rpm.

    I use standard r9100 cranks on my bike, they’re 172.5mm so not really short either. You would have thought this would be fixed bby now

  12. Hi to all
    Same on my new 2t the cadence is around 50% of reality (estimated because I don’t have other cadence sensor)
    When pedaling around 110 the 2t in zwift show 60.
    And if I reduce around 90 the 2t fall to 25 / 30 in zwift
    Last firmware installed
    In the beginning I was thinking this was due to my setup as I use a recumbent bike with front drive wheel (toxy ZR) with 20inchs wheels

    1. Hi again
      How is mesured the cadence on the Tacx ?
      On the utility app the cadence is always showing 0 but in Zwift the mesure is shown but with the default related above in my previous comment

      1. Hi
        After some test a sensor is located on the left of the 2t (near the neo 2t logo) and this one is capting the cadence
        You can test with the Tacx utility an& a piece of metal (spoon for exemple)
        So in my case the crank are to far from the sensor (I use a recumbent bike).
        Will make some test and let you know

  13. Hi Drew,

    I rolled back to V15 several months ago, I contacted Garmin/Tacx and they’ve pointed me to this website.
    Cadence issues somewhat unsurprisingly on my Neo 2, oddly there is no cadence reading at all within the Utility App.
    Any advice? In your experience does this mean it’s dead?

    1. Hi Matt,
      Your best bet is to try the crank arm extension technique to see if that makes a difference. Essentially, you need something conductive to pass in front of the sensor in order for it to trip, and it does not take much. I use an elastic band and a straightened paper clip. I leave the elastic in place and just pull the paper clip out during outdoor rides.

      There are variations in hysteresis from one unit to the next for reasons that have never been explained (perhaps not even examined) by Tacx. Some sensors are very sensitive, others much less so.

      Paper Clip

  14. I have a Neo 2T on firmware 0.0.36 and it mostly shows about double cadence on Zwift for anything over about 70rpm. Is the recommendation still to go back to 0.0.15 to try to fix this?

    1. No. You cannot install any prior version of firmware on Neo 2T. Neo 2 and Neo 2T are not the same products.

  15. This really sucks. No firmware upgrade/downgrade works for me now.

    Everything was working perfectly on my Neo 2 until I decided to upgrade firmware.
    I don’t know which version I had prior to that.

    Really, can’t Tacx fix that ?
    That undermines my confidence in all Tacx products.

    1. I feel you. This has been an ongoing issue, but there are a couple things that you can do.
      1. You can replace the non drive side housing (more involved than it sounds). The cadence sensor for Neo 2 and Neo 2T are installed in the housing, so replacing one replaced both. In some cases, this has resolved the issue.
      2. You can try the paperclip trick. To date, we are 100% confident this will fix every such incident, but some people bristle at the suggestion. However, if you want it to work, it definitely does, and all you need is a rubber band and a paper clip.
      Paper Clip Resolves Cadence Issues With Neo 2

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