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Neo 2 – Leg Hinge Creak

Some early Neo 2 units have a known defect with the leg hinges.

An example of the Neo 2 hinge creak
Video Credit: Darren Holmes

Root Cause

From the limited information we have available about this particular problem, we can only say that there is a known problem with the hinges. We have not been able to evaluate this issue ourselves to determine the precise source of the problem.

Steps To Resolve

Generally, Tacx will replace the entire Neo 2 rather than have the customer replace the legs themselves. In some cases, Tacx will also send the replacement unit prior to receiving the defective unit in exchange so that your training program is not disrupted during shipping.

Additional Information

Thanks to our volunteer contributors, we’ve obtained a sample communication from Tacx Support regarding the problem.

Updated on January 20, 2019

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  1. I have a new Neo2 that was creaking at the hinges and when you depress the blue button area plastic it would make the creaking sound. I used garage door opener silicon grease and the noise is gone.

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