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Neo 2T ANT+ Dropouts

When connected to an application or head unit over ANT+, you may notice regular periodic dropouts in the ANT+ signal that will result in zero cadence and/or zero watts.

Root Cause

Tacx have discovered an issue with a reset chip.


This issue has been corrected in firmware version .32 for Neo 2T.

Additional Information

Similar issues have been reported with Neo 2, but it is unclear at this time if the firmware fix for Neo 2T has also resolved the ANT+ dropouts for Neo 2.

Updated on December 26, 2019

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  1. I’m connected to an iMac running Catalina via Bluetooth and I am experiencing dropouts. Any ideas on the cause or a solution?

  2. still having dropouts via ant+ on windows 10 with the garmin ant+ stick and .34 firmware on the neo2t. Using Tacx desktop.

    1. i have the same issues with random dropouts (sometimes 20 times in a 90 minute ride). connected with garmin ANT+ (secured under trainer with USB extension cord) using TACX app on pc with windows 10. using Zwift seems to be smoother without the dropouts

  3. I see (v0.34) continous dropouts with ant+ on windows 10 – makes films unusable because for some strange reason the trainer loses information about me and resistance drops dramatically (I can climb any slope on 11/52 gear combo, feel superhuman!)

    ok then: showstopper for me.. so I tried to sync via bluetooth to no avail (in windows 10)

    switched to mac without ant+ usb stick: runs right on bluetooth, and using my edge 1030 (“hearing” my neo2T smart via ant+) I see the same dropouts: power and cadence fall to 0… I’m not sure to have seen any drop on speed info…

    hope this helps

  4. I have the same issue on TDA and TTS4 using ANT+ on Neo2. Resistance just disappears momentarily and I either get the paused screen or We need more power message in TDA. The workout resumes after a short while or I have to sprint to get the watts resumed.

    In TTS4 the app crashes and a Windows dialogue box appears stating Tacx TTS4 has crashed.

    I notice on the Garmin 820 head unit that Tacx Neo2 found flashes along the top of the screen at regular intervals.

    I did see GPLama on youtube had a process of turning off some of the ANT+ signals on the NEO2, I may try this tonight.

    None of this is normal and should not happen on the top of the range trainer. But having had a Tacx trainer since 2004 and every version of the software I am used to it.

  5. I’m also experiencing dropouts with latest firmware (0.34). Happened thr3e times in 45 minutes of ERG training on Saturday. At around 45 minutes the Tacx app decided to increase resistance and add cobbles (it was supposed to be steady FTP with no changes!).

    Restarting of computer was needed as restarting the app didn’t work.

    I’m finding that the Tacx app is very unreliable in comparison with Zwift, which is a shame because I prefer using the Tacx films over computer graphics.

  6. Same problem here.

    Just bought a Tacx Neo 2T after using an old Elite turbo and Stages power meter (connected via Garmin ant+ dongle under the bottom bracket) with Trainerroad for years with no problem.

    First workout and the ant+ connection dropped 5 times in 1 hour. Trainerroad running on Win 10 laptop and Neo firmware 0.34.

  7. This has been an issue with my 2T since I bought it in April. Running .34 connecting via the Tacx Ant+ USB dongle for Win 10 using Trainer Road.

  8. Same here, running .34 on my new 2T and get many Zwift searches/dropouts per workout. The longer the workout the more dropouts, anywhere from about 7 or so for a short 20 min ride, to 27 or so on an hour ride.

  9. Har et helt andet problem.

    Når jeg kører på neo 2 og bruger Zwift så føles det som om jeg slet ikke kan træde de watt jeg plejer. Den er mega tung.
    Jeg har så opdateret software mm. Men nu lyser den gul diode med ANT + ikke mere.

    Nogle der ved hvad jeg skal gøre ved det?

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