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Neo 2T Cadence Sensor Overheating

After a few minutes of use, your Neo 2T cadence sensor stops reporting your cadence, the red LED on your Neo flashes, and there is a warning indication in the Tacx Utility App. You may also experience a completely loss of resistance. Unplugging the Neo 2T and plugging it back it resets the status, but the problem reappears with additional use of the trainer.

Video demonstrating the flashing LED and the high velocity fan noise.
Video Credit: Jirka Hybš
Tacx Utility App indicating the problem with the Neo 2T cadence sensor.
Photo Credit: Jirka Hybš

Root Cause

Tacx have determined that there was a problem with the board logic.

To address this issue, Tacx have released version .32 firmware for Neo 2T


This remains an ongoing issue. There are still reports that the issue has not been resolved for some Neo 2T owners.

If you are still experiencing issues, you should contact support@tacx.com and open a case to have them future evaluate the condition.

Updated on November 10, 2019

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  1. Hi,
    My brand new Noe 2T have thise problem.
    I installed the firmware 0.0.32.
    same probleme !!!
    S/N 57508
    Do you have a solution

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sylvain,
      In cases where the unit is really overheating (and the icons in the Tacx Utility App are red, not orange), you will likely need to have your unit replaced. The best thing for you to do is contact Garmin support and they will address the problem for you. Sorry you’re having this experience, but it will get resolved.

      1. We are also experiencing this issue on our Tacx neo 2t. This has made our trainer completely unusable. Will garmin send out a replacement? Or will we need to send the item back to garmin, they test it, deem it unusable and then they send a replacement? How long will the whole process take?

  2. Hi My Tacx Neo 2 is only 3 months old. Today during a training session I smelt a burning smell then shortly after the unit lost all resistance. The vent at the top rear of the trainer and the plastic around it was red hot and there was no noise of a fan. The large silver disk at the cassette side which usually warms up during a ride was stone cold. After 10 mins the trainer did work again but there is no fan noise. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    1. Yes, that’s exactly the same problem I’m experiencing with my unit. I’ve barely had it for 2 weeks!

      1. Mine is 2 weeks old and same problem and I’m running software version 0.0.34 so software I would suggest is not the problem.

    2. Hi Ryan,

      Did you ever get a response?

      I am having the exact same issue you described, and I have sent an email to the support team but I am affraid they might ask for me to send the trainer to them… I live in Costa Rica and bought it through Amazon, it cost me $500 just to have it shipped down here and I am supposing that’s what it will cost me to ship it back to the States, and then another $500 to have it send back to me when it is fixed… I am really hoping that the solution does not require me to ship it back to the factory…


      Daniel Lalinde

  3. Tacx, will you please post again when the problem is completely solved and updated units are available for purchase? I was shopping for a Neo 2T, but then noticed that they are on back-order through some retailers such as REI. Have you halted production / shipping until the issue can be completely identified and resolved? I would prefer to delay my purchase until I’m sure to receive a problem free / updated unit.

    1. Hi Don,
      We aren’t Tacx. We are Tacx Faqx, a site for Neo Owners by Neo Owners. We have no visibility into Garmin supply chain.

      The specific issue that you’ve commented on was resolved in 2019 with firmware version .32 release, so nothing to worry about there.

      Once you do get a Neo 2T, though, we’ll be here to help.

  4. Hi I am have the exact same issue as Ryan Dummer on a 13 month old unit
    Today during a training session I smelt a burning smell then shortly after the unit lost all resistance. The vent at the top rear of the trainer and the plastic around it was red hot and there was no noise of a fan. The large silver disk at the cassette side which usually warms up during a ride was stone cold. After 10 mins the trainer did work again but there is no fan noise.

  5. Hi Drew,

    Thanks for clarifying. Is it true though that the FW update hasn’t resolved the issue for all? On YouTube someone from Tacx Faqx commented that new cadence sensor boards are being supplied in some cases:


    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Don. Well — technically there are two distinct issues. The first is the warning light (yellow in the testing dashboard) and some blinking that’s fixed after unplugging and plugging back in. That was resolved with firmware. That’s not to say it’s impossible for some other overheating issue to appear as a result of a different failure, either in the fan controller or thermostat. They’re not the same issues, though, just a side effect of sometimes, electronic things stop working and need to be replaced.

      1. Drew,

        Thanks for the additional clarification. I will likely give one a whirl and keep fingers crossed that neither issue surfaces.


  6. Hi Drew,

    I have a new unit with update .34 and the cadence shows up but has never worked. Is this another issue your having with new units? I have tried the Tacx Utility app on the ipad pro and on an Android phone. Speed and watts work using bluetooth.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi Drew

    The NEO 2T seems to have this problem. At least the unit I had received on 27 January 2020 from the first ride is problematic. Losing power/resistance overheating after a few kilometers of riding etc. The firmware update did not really help seemingly.

    I am returning it to Zwift and I hope these issues will be sorted soon.



    1. Hi Tibor. I’m sorry you’re having this experience. 🙁
      With all electronics, there are some number that will simply fail straight out of the box. In today’s era of commodity hardware, it’s inevitable, but companies prefer the low cost at the expense of initial customer satisfaction. I don’t agree with the approach, but you cannot stop a tidal wave. As long as consumers are willing to put up with it, manufacturers will keep doing it, and the paradigm shows no signs of slowing.
      Hopefully your next trainer will be golden.

  8. Hi Guys
    Purchased my Tack Neo 2 in November 2019 and it was fine until recently when the unit overheated and lost all power and resistance. Reported problem to Garmin support who advised contacting retailer for a replacement. Completed warranty claim form with retailer and they are now saying that the product needs to be sent back to Garmin. To say I am a little disappointed with this product is an understatement and it could take as long as month to resolve. Is the cadence sensor overheating a common problem and is it likely to happen again, even if a replacement is sent?


  9. Hi. I am having problem with login up with tacx desktop app.Everything was ok until some days ago.With mobil app and cloud tacx there in no problem.When I try to log in with TDA there apears a yellow warning sign or writes the login is not possible at this time do it later. Any clues.

  10. Hi!
    I just bought the trainer and since the first use after 10 to 15 minutes there is a loss of resistance and the third light (red) flashes. I update the software already, unplugged, wait for 20 minutes, reinstall the utility app, and still the same issue.
    What should I do?

  11. Hi!!
    With my new Neo 2T bought last week and I have exactly the same problem that Fernando from the begining. Everything is correct when I start a training but after a few minutes I lost all the resistance and the third light (red one) flashes.
    I update the software alredy 0.0.34, reinstall the utility app, and still the same issue,

    I report the issue to garmin support and I’m waiting for an answer…


  12. Hi,

    Just received new NEO 2T 3 weeks ago and got exactly the same overheating issue after less than 10 sessions !
    Reading the comments above it seems to be a well known issue and it is very frustrating to see that this still not solved on a brand new 2T running the latest 0.0.34 firmware…
    Contacting the support right now, but I guess I will have to return my unit and hope the new one will not face the same issue.

  13. Hi Arturo,

    For info, in my case, after a discussion with the support they have decided to replace the unit; there is just nothing to do to recover it.
    Due to CV 19, they can’t exchange it before the end of current lockdown, so almost a month to wait here, but what worries me the most is that this issue seems to happen also on recent unit, so just hoping the next one won’t have this defect.

  14. Same here, just unboxed it. Worked perfectly for one day. Today it overheated after ten minutes. Hoepfully they can have it fixed.

  15. I purchased a tacX Neo2 system in the USA in September 2019.
    I brought it to Brazil and with 8 months of use, the equipment does not work. Turn on, the coolers work but do not turn on the LEDs and therefore have no resistance or synchronization with the training program.
    It suggests to be a problem in the electronic board.
    There is no technical assistance available at Bz to solve the problem.
    The manual has no technical information.
    So be careful because you may have a total loss in less than a year.

  16. Similar problem, but with the Flux 2. Also on a new device. Overheating, loss of resistance, and cadence not working. Also updated to the most recent software version. Disappointing that this issue seems to be so frequent.

  17. Hi every body, I have the same issue on my NEO 2T, just bought it few days ago and I haven’t been able to ride more than 10 minutes (PWR goes to cero and no resistance), if I go to tacx utility app and from the menu chose Testing Dashboard I see, under cadence symbol, hi temperature thermometer symbol in red and the equipment gets overheat and smells burn.
    I have version 0.36
    Please your Help!!!

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