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Neo 2T Erg Mode Resistance Not Responding in Zwift

We have a recent report of a number of Neo 2T units that are failing to engage in erg mode in Zwift.

At this time, the problem has been confirmed on 3 units in Switzerland, but we are looking for additional input from Neo 2T owners as well.

Other owners of Neo 2T units on the same firmware have been working since .32 firmware’s release without any such issues, which suggests there has been a hardware change that is causing this problem on newer Neo 2T units.

Garmin support writes:

We are currently experiencing an issue with latency / instability of resistance in erg mode using third party apps such as Zwift. We have an open case internally on this issue and we hope to release a software update in early January that will resolve this issue.


December 21, 2019 — Tacx have confirmed that there is no such problem with Neo 2T. The linearity and stability erg mode firmware referenced by Garmin support is for Neo 2 (it was tightened up in version .31 for Neo 2T), which we have been aware of for many months. Tacx have also stated there were no hardware changes in Neo 2T that would cause “newer” models to behave differently than previous models. In summary, it appears that Garmin support were simply wrong, and none of us should be surprised by this.

That said, we will be doing some extensive testing with Neo 2T, Zwift, and other trainers to compare the behaviors and post our results. Stay tuned.

December 20, 2019 — Currently under investigation by Garmin.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Tracie May for discovering and reporting this problem.

Updated on December 21, 2019

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  1. My Tacx Neo 2 has just stopped engaging with Zwift. No resistance at all despite all connection showing as paired? Happened half way through a session. Connect normally and then just suddenly dropped. Zwift still showing as connected to power, cadence etc, nothing happening when peddling.

    1. Hi Dom,
      Sounds like a connectivity issue. We’ve had many similar reports historically, but without more specific details about your setup, it’s difficult to say what’s going on. The most recent similar case was a bluetooth connected laptop, and the solution was to add a USB extension cable to move the bluetooth receiver closer to the Neo.

    2. Hey, I had something similar. I had wahoo HRM and Tack NEO connected via bluetooth to laptop. The moment my wireless earphones got connected to same laptop, I lost NEO. Solution for me was to never connect earphones at the same time to laptop. I can connect them to a phone in a same room then everything works fine.

  2. How Can I report this problem? I have suspicion I have problem with erg mode on Zwift. Not great. Cannot do workouts. Tried ramp test and NRO 2T just failing to hold resistance.

  3. Erg mode not working with my tacx neo 2 and zwift. Connection is good, no dropout. Resistance works fine in non training mode. Erg mode with my wahoo kickr and zwift work fine. so this problem is not limited to neo 2t?

  4. Just received my new Neo 2t. Tested Zwift for the very first time after installing on the phone, and the resistance is absolutely erratic. Just a minute or less into any ride, the resistance drops and the app thinks I’m not pedalling. Firmware version was 26 but after upgrading to 36 the problem persists.

    However: using the Tacx premium app on the phone gives no issues at all. Also, using Zwift on my laptop works flawless. Given that one app works on the phone, and another doesn’t, the issue is clearly not bluetooth. Everything is the newest version, as I just downloaded and installed everything yesterday.

    Any thoughts on how to make the Zwift work on the phone?

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