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Neo — Disc Brake Spacer

There is little debate about it: the Achilles Heel of Tacx Neo products is the introduction of disc brakes on modern bicycles. The calipers and hoses for rear brake systems tend to be positioned such that they press against the Neo housing.

SRAM Red AXS brake hose connection pressed against the Neo housing when the bicycle is installed and the thru axle is tightened.
Photo credit: Damon Cahill

The Problem

While it’s not clear what impact the pressure between the Neo housing and the brake connection would have, most cyclists agree they don’t want any part of their bike touching the trainer to prevent damage to the bike, the brakes, or the trainer itself.

The Solution

Tacx’s solution is, and has been, to widen the rear triangle of the bike frame slightly by introducing a spacer that sits between the non drive side Neo insert and the Neo frame. Typically, the spacer is supplied in response to a Tacx support case.

Neo OG and Neo 2

For Neo models prior to Neo 2T, you will still need to contact Tacx support to acquire the appropriate spacer. For both Neo OG and Neo 2, the part number is S2850.06 – 2.7mm Disc Brake Adapter

For owners with 142mm frame spacing, Tacx support may also suggest that you attempt to use the included 135mm dropout spacer supplied with all version of Neo and Neo 2, part number T2805.06

Different spacer options for Neo OG and Neo 2
Left: T2805.06 – Spacer for 135mm Dropouts (included with Neo / Neo 2)
Right: S2850.06 – Disc Brake Adapter (provided by Tacx Support)

If you are using a Boost setup with 148mm frame spacing and require additional clearance for your disc brakes, you will need the S2805.06 spacer. Tacx have not commented on the suitability of this solution with respect to thread depth on the non drive side insert.

Neo 2T

For Neo 2T models prior to November 2019, you will need to contact Tacx support to acquire the appropriate spacer. The part number is S2875.07 – Ring Spacer 2.7mm

For Neo 2T models manufactured November 2019 and later, the spacer is now included with your Neo 2T. The Assembly Manual has also been updated. The new part number for the spacer is T2844.15

The latest version of Neo 2T Assembly manual (T2875.25 | 2019 – 11) contains a new panel (yellow box) with specific instructions about the use of the ring spacer.
Photo Credit: José Torre
12 x 142 Non Drive Side (NDS) insert with 2.7mm spacer installed
Photo Credit: José Torre

We are also aware that there is a 4mm spacer available by request for Neo 2T versions, but we have not seen it in the wild and do not have a part number for it. If you do, drop us a note! We’d love to hear from you.

Additional Information

For Neo models generally, the “T” prefix designates an original Tacx part supplied during manufacture. The “S” prefix designates a post-sales Spare parts item.

Updated on December 18, 2019

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  1. Different spacer options for Neo OG and Neo 2
    Left: T2805.06 – Spacer for 135mm Dropouts (included with Neo / Neo 2)
    Right: S2850.06 – Disc Brake Adapter (provided by Tacx Support) .. Greetings I need both spacers for my Scott Foil 20 and my trainer is Tack Flux 2 thanks advance ..

    1. Hi did you ever get a fix for the disc brake spacer for the Flux 2? Garmin sent me S2850.06 but the spacer does not fit over the thread. So I’m stuck.

  2. Is Drew stillpart if this?
    If you are, could you please enquire as to why I was blocked from the Tacx Neo owners pave. I hsve contacted Tacx but they cant help as they dont run the page.

    Phil Wall
    Neo owner and once long time member of the facebook Neo owners page.

  3. I came in here after finding my disc brake caliper was rubbing on the Neo 2T.

    This article is the exact opposite of the Neo 2T user manual: Extremely detailed, informative and helpful! Thank you!

  4. Curious. For those cases where only the brake hose is rubbing (and not the entire caliper), has anyone tried, or thought about, sanding down the Neo housing?

    1. I’d be curious to see if anyone decided to give that a try. The poly is about 2.5mm thick, so it is entirely possible to perform that operation. The downside is that it would reduce your resale value significantly because people really care about the aesthetic.

  5. Hi all, thanks for your site which is much more helpful than the Tacx website or user manual…

    After reading this section, I realized that my breaks might be touching the frame of my NEO 2T. I’ll try the spacer although, I have the feeling that it’s not strictly required. At a minimum, it will prevent any marks to appear on the side of the Neo.


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