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Neo – that noise isn’t always me!!!

As we approach the winter months i have a tendency to train indoors more (yes, im a super wimp). However, i like to keep my bikes circulating on the trainer. So, one week i might have the TT bike on the Neo, the following week i might put the good ‘Sunday bike’ on the Neo etc….

So – i recently put my commuter on the Neo. I’ve started a new job where i don’t need to commute, as the job is much closer to home, so i can train at 4:30am before i have to go to work. 

When i put the commuter bike on i lined up the rear mech as i do with my other bikes and gave the pedals a turn by hand. After a good few minutes i was happy with the rear mech indexing and assumed that my workout later on the trainer would be as quiet as always. However, when i did my session it was much noisier than I expected – still very quiet and my family maintains they can’t hear anything noise-wise. Still, that doesn’t satisfy me so after much checking and double checking, re-indexing and lubing, then some more lubing… I had a eureka moment.

(I may have also changed the bottom bracket as well! OCD)

The commuter bike is a fairly cheap frame in comparison to my TT and main road bike so clearly the flex in that commuter bike frame is far greater than the flex in my other 2 bikes. Again – i have to stress, im a noise hater…I listen to music while i work out but at very low levels so the neo has to be quiet for me. For most people this wouldn’t even register as noisy but for me it was something i had to resolve. 

So – this is a good example of the Neo doing its job but the bike frame causing more of the noise than you would expect. 

So – as the Neo would have said to me “Before you accuse me – check the bike frame quality you cheap bum” 

Updated on December 19, 2018

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