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Road Feel Option Unavailable With Neo 2T and ANT+ in Zwift

The option to enable Neo Road Feel in Zwift Settings is missing when your Neo 2T is connected to Zwift via ANT+.

Left: Neo 2T via Bluetooth showing Road Feel Option.
Right: Neo 2T via ANT+, missing option.
Zwift Pairing screen showing Neo 2T ANT+ and Blueooth options.

Root Cause

Zwift is not yet able to identify Neo 2T as a Neo device when connected to Zwift via ANT+ FE-C. This will be resolved in a future update of the Zwift application.



Update: December 7, 2019 — This issue has been resolved with the latest Zwift update for Windows and MacOS. For any weirdos who are using an ANT+ key with their iPhone or iPad, the fix will be released some time in the next few days, as per the release notes here.

Update: Dec. 3, 2019 — Zwift confirmed today that they obtained and set up a Neo 2T on December 2, 2019 in their lab specifically to investigate and address this problem. The timeline will depend on why this behavior is occurring, and the complexity around authoring a solution. They are anticipating a resolution “hopefully soon”.

This issue was first reported on September 17th, 2019 by Paul Hickford. It was quickly confirmed and acknowledged by Tacx. We are awaiting a reply from Zwift.

This affects both MacOS and Windows versions of Zwift. Mobile versions of Zwift do not support ANT+.


We were able to confirm that Bluetooth connections in Zwift are able to recognize the Neo 2T as a Neo device on MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS and AppleTV. The Tacx Neo Road Feel toggle appears in Zwift settings, and Road Feel behaves as expected while riding.

Updated on December 13, 2019

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    1. The fix will eventually come from the Zwift side, but we have no idea where this is on their development timeline.

      It would probably help to let Zwift know that you’re also impacted by this problem, to remind them it still needs to be worked on. You might want to make a note on the Zwift forums, or open a support case. More voices help create urgency. 🙂

  1. The road feel issue on ANT+ on NEO 2T has been fixed on the latest Zwift update-https://zwiftinsider.com/update-1-0-43645/

  2. Experiencing intermittent road feel with my new 2T. Several rides with, then several without and this time it doesn’t seem to be coming back. Also note that when it is out, all onscreen metrics seem correct, but spinning bigger gears much easier than I should be, on climbs for example. Verified road feel is set to on in Zwift. No idea what is causing it.
    Thoughts?…or is there way a way to re-boot?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      We’re only aware of one case where Road Feel gradually diminished until it no longer worked, and the unit had to be returned. It was not a Neo 2T, however. I would suggest connecting your Neo 2T to the Tacx Utility App testing dashboard, enabling road feel, and then testing the various surfaces to ensure they are working correctly in the testing dashboard. If they aren’t, your unit will probably need to be replaced, as was the one I mentioned earlier. Let us know how things progress!

    1. Sorry Felipe, but you are mistaken. We don’t just write articles. We test everything before we publish, and I can assure you, this issue was resolved and working on every platform, and for both Tacx Neo and (a short while later) Neo Bike Smart.

      If you are having some other issue, we’d be happy to look into it for you. Use the Contact Us form to send along any screen shots or videos of the problem you are experiencing.

      1. I just got a new Garmin neo 2T and am running zwift on Mac.
        The issue still exists. I.e., There is no “road feel” option in the zwift settings. And I do not get any “road feel” during riding.
        The firmware version is v0.036 (from Garmin utilities).

        However, in the “Garmin utilities” app, I can test “road feel”, which works well. It is just not running on zwift.

        Should I file a ticket to Garmin instead?

        1. Hi Juan. This was solved via a Zwift update quite a long time ago. Are you sure you have your Neo 2T paired as Controllable Trainer in Zwift?

          I don’t think you will get anywhere contacting Garmin, as this is a Zwift issue, but you should try to eliminate the obvious things like misconfiguration first. I can assure you that all versions of Neo presently are working as expected on my end with Zwift and Real Feel.

          1. Dear Drew,

            Many thanks for your timely reply.
            I am new to both trainers and zwift. Sorry if I made mistakes in reporting these issues.

            I have checked the settings, in which I do have the “Garmin Neo 2T” as a controllable.
            The settings has not an option for the road feel.

            Attached link shows figures of my trainer, pairs and settings.


            I natively thought it might be the reason that Garmin changed the name from “Tacx” to “Garmin”, which may cause some recognition issues? Maybe Garmin did something nasty…?

            I actually already contacted Garmin helpdesk, who told me that zwift should have road feel automatically, but apparently it does not.

            Therefore, it would be great if you could please help us with it.

            Please let me know if you need any further information for a double check.


          2. Wow JuanJose, this is awesome. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!

            I have not yet seen a Garmin branded Neo 2T before, so this is breaking new ground. I am 100% convinced already that there is a hardware difference that will require a new Zwift update, so I will also reach out to the developers at Zwift to let them know. The downside is that in order to enable this feature for trainers, the Zwift developers need to have one on site, and this is SO new that I am certain they do not have one.

            Meanwhile, can you please send over the information from your Tacx Utility App, such as the firmware version? I would also love to see many more photos of your trainer. Seriously, this is the first one I have seen, so I am really excited that you have found a brand new problem with brand new hardware. Thanks so much for letting us help with this problem! Also, can you please let me know what country you are in, and where you ordered your trainer from?

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