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Side to Side Movement – Tapping Sound

When gently moving the bike side to side, there is movement between the bicycle and the Neo frame even though the dropouts are tight, and an associated tapping sound.

An example of both the movement and the tapping sound.
Video Credit: Michael Boesen Holm

Root Cause

On the non drive side of Neo, there are six bolts that affix the Neo housing to the Neo frame. At these attachment points, underside of the housing, are standoff shrouds that keep the case evenly distanced from the frame to prevent warping of the plastic that would occur at uneven bolt tension. These standoffs may crack and break internally due to overtightening, excessive rocking when using the trainer, or freak occurrence.

Image of the six non drive side bolts that secure the shell to the frame.
A view inside the Neo shell, non drive side, showing the locations of the broken standoffs. The broken standoffs can be seen on the right, and the intact standoffs on the left.
Photo Credit: Michael Boesen Holm
Broken pieces of the plastic standoffs that were recovered when the shell was removed from Neo.
Photo Credit: Michael Boesen Holm

Steps to Resolve

First, confirm that the problem you are experiencing is precisely this problem, and not related to how your bicycle is mounted. Some thru axle bicycles may behave similarly when using an adapter that does not fit completely, but the root cause is not the same.

You should contact Tacx support about this issue, and include a video similar to the one at the top of this article. Depending on the age of your Neo, they may offer to send you a new housing that you will need to install.

Before you proceed
Please note that the screws which secure the male and female sides of the Neo housing come in multiple lengths. It is extremely important that you make a note of the location where each screw has been removed, so that you can replace it exactly where you removed it. Please see images below for diagram and key.

Location and screw dimension diagram and key for non drive side screws.
Photo courtesy of Tacx
Location and screw dimension diagram and key for drive side screws.
Photo courtesy of Tacx
To remove the housing, you must remove the 4 bolts indicated here. Do NOT remove all of the bolts, because they are holding the stator in place.
Photo Credit: Pål Kristoffer Sørvoll
In order to complete the removal of the housing after the screws and bolts have been removed, you must also close the leg latches while leaving the legs in the “up” position.
Video Credit: Pål Kristoffer Sørvoll

Additional Information

The housings for different Neo models are also available for direct purchase on the Tacx spare parts site. If your Neo is out of warranty, and Tacx decline to replace the housing for you, you can acquire the parts and perform the replacement yourself.

Tacx Neo OG housing, part number S2800.06

Tacx Neo 2 housing, part number S2850.02

The Neo 2 housing is more expensive because the cadence sensor is pre-installed. If you replace the housing, you will also replace the cadence sensor along with it.

Updated on October 15, 2019

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  1. I am looking for a housing for the Neo 1 (alternatively I would also buy a Neo 2 one) and am unfortunately not able to find any (re-)seller (checked the Tacx and Garmin web sites as well as other sources). Is there any chance to buy it somewhere in Europe soon?

    Thanks, Thomas

    1. You may have to resort to ebay. I saw that these parts are not available on the Tacx website any longer, which is where I have purchased them in the past. The odd part is that these housings were heretofore pressed at the Tacx factory in Netherlands, so I am not sure if COVID is in some way responsible, or they have simply halted production except for support cases.

      At this time, I’d say your best bet would be to contact Garmin support and keep your fingers crossed.

  2. I have finally received a new housing from Garmin support, even though my Neo is out of warranty by now.

    I have to mention that my posts in their Neo support forums finally brought up Garmin’s attention after unsuccessfully contacting support directly.

    Keep up the good work, Drew!

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