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SRAM RED eTap with non-SRAM Chain

SRAM RED eTap 11 speed requires a SRAM chain.

An example of the grinding sound you may experience when using non-SRAM chain with your SRAM RED eTap 11 speed components.
Video Credit: Matthew Grover

Root Cause

You have installed a chain that is not from SRAM. Not only will this cause problems for you in terms of this grinding sound and shifting performance, it will also void your SRAM warranty for your derailleur.

Steps To Resolve

Replace the chain with a genuine SRAM 11 speed chain.

Additional Information

Can I use a non-SRAM chain with my eTap components? (SRAM support)

11-Speed Product Compatibility Information

SRAM 11 speed components were designed to be paired with matching SRAM 11 speed components to ensure proper function. We can only guarantee the performance when used with the correct SRAM branded components.


Updated on December 30, 2018

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