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Tacx Neo 2T Freehub Bodies

Product Availability Announcement

Tacx has released additional freehub bodies for Neo 2T for Campagnolo, SRAM XD-R, and SRAM XD.

When selecting parts for your Neo 2T, be aware that all compatible parts will be prefixed with T2875, which is the “code” for Neo 2T. Freehub bodies for earlier Neo models are listed on the same page with a different prefix. Make sure you read the description of the freehub body you’re considering to be sure it’s for Neo 2T.

The freehub bodies are available on the Tacx website, here: https://tacx.com/product/bodies-direct-drive-trainers/

Additional Information

Previous versions of Neo freehub bodies will not fit Neo 2T because the axle diameter is greater to allow for native thru axle support. This also applies to Neo disc, bearings, and disc extractor tool.

Updated on October 11, 2019

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  1. What about required additional spacer we ha to use for campagnolo 11 speed cassette with freehub body T2875.51 ? I reveived the body but no information about spacer.

    1. Hi Bernard. That freehub body is so new that we haven’t had our hands on it yet.
      Unfortunately, now that Garmin is involved and Tacx is… less involved, we (TF) have to pay full retail for every product we use, support, and review. Needless to say, it gets expensive and this is a free site. So at this time, you know more about it than we do. Let us know about your experience with spacers and we’ll be glad to update our content.

      1. Hey Drew,
        Any update on this yet please as I’ve installed the freehub but not been able to resolve an issue with the rear derailleur hitting the cassette. I tried the 0.5mm spacer which resolved it (kind of) but introduced noise on an easier cog. Any help would be appreciated.

        1. Hi Scottie,
          What spacer did you install, and where did you install it? There is nothing about the freehub body that should impact your indexing.

          I’m not sure what you mean by the derailleur hitting the cassette. If that’s the case, you need to adjust your B screw, but that hasn’t anything to do with the freehub.

  2. I have purchased a Tacx Neo 2 T Freewheel Body for a Campag Chorus 11 speed 12-27 cassette. Will I need any spacers when I replace the default Shimano Body which comes on the new Tacx Neo 2T?

  3. Having an issue with a brand new Neo t2 Smart trainer and an XDR freehub body. The inner diameter of the stock freehub body is 17mm and the Sram XDR freehub body has an inner diameter of 15mm. Is the 17mm axle supposed to be removed from the Neo T2 trainer before installing the XDR freehub body? Are the parts below compatible?
    Neo part #T2875.60
    Freehub body #T2805.81

    1. You ordered the wrong freehub body. You need the one for Neo 2T, and you ordered the one for Neo 2.

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