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Tools and Accessories You Will Need

Some are more immediate than others, but at some point during your Neo ownership, you are going to need, or want, every single one of the items below. If you are shopping on a budget, remember to include the cost of the essential items.

Items marked with asterisks are essential to assembling your Neo.


  • Cassette*
    • 2016 and 2017 models shipped with an Edco hub that is compatible with both Shimano / SRAM and Campagnolo. 2018 Neo OG, Neo 2, and Neo 2T come with a Tacx Shimano hub, and you will need to special order the Campagnolo hub if you intend to use a Campagnolo cassette.
  • Cassette Lockring Tool*
    • 2016 and 2017 Neo with Edco Hub may require Campagnolo lockring tool
  • Chain Whip*
    • This holds the cassette in place, mainly needed for loosening a cassette, but useful when tightening as well.
  • Torque Wrench – at least 40 Newton meter*
    • Let there be no doubt: the specification for tightening your cassette lock ring is 40Nm. Don’t guess. Be sure. Too tight, and you may damage the threads of your freehub. Too loose, and you’ll have an unfavorable cycling experience on your Neo.
  • 1 Inch Socket*
    • This is generally the easiest way to use your torque wrench.
  • 5mm Allen wrench*
    • All of the maintenance parts on the Neo are initially secured with 5mm parts
  • 17mm Thin Head wrench*
    • If you are planning to use a thru axle bike with your trainer, you will need a 17mm thin head wrench to install the drive side and non drive side thru axle adapters.
  • Grease
    • For routine maintenance
  • Nitrile gloves
    • Because getting grease under your fingernails was only cool when you were a kid, and you sometimes eat with those fingers.
  • New Chain
    • While not strictly necessary, if your existing chain is worn, your experience with Neo will be sub-par when riding with it on your new cassette. Our recommendation: new chain always.

Trainer Accessories

  • Large, high speed fan (maybe even two)
    • To help cool you off, and dry you off.
  • Trainer mat
    • To keep your sweat from destroying your floor
  • Gym Towel
    • Get a bunch, and rotate them daily.
  • Head band / sweat band
    • Keep the sweat out of your eyes

Updated on November 3, 2020

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