Whistling Sound

At certain wheel (disc) speeds, Neo and Neo 2 will produce a high pitched whistling sound.

An example of the whistling sound you will hear at certain speeds
Video Credit: Emm Dee

Root Cause

In this video, we tackle the mystery and put an end to the debate

Every physical object has a natural frequency at which it resonates. When excited by an external force, that resonance may become audible as sound waves, depending on the object and whether the frequency is in the range of human hearing.

Because the Neo disc is not completely frictionless, the small vibrations through the disc cause it to resonate when the rotation speed of the disc matches the resonant frequency.

This is why you will hear the sound only within a narrow band of disc speeds. If the disc is moving slightly slower, or slightly faster, the frequency will not match the natural frequency of the disc, and the resonance will stop.

Additionally, because the Neo disc is symmetrical, it also has several modes, meaning you may hear the resonance at different disc speeds, but different tones.

The really cool part is that if you find any video of the whistling noise, and map the peaks with a frequency analyzer, you will find that it is exactly the same frequency for every Neo because the discs are all identical.


Your Neo is working normally!

Updated on December 27, 2018

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