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Zwift – Where did my resistance just go?!?


So, you’re on the Alpe du Zwift…crushing those watts like the pros. You’ve just passed the 1/2 way mark and the legs feel like they were made to do this then….suddenly…the resistance on the Neo just goes…

This is not uncommon and can happen for a number of reasons but in my case it was down to something i never considered until i used an online application called Zwiftalizer : https://zwiftalizer.com/


I often cycle on the Neo then run on my treadmill and started using the Zwift running add on just to keep my treadmill sessions a little interesting. I have a Garmin foot pod which links up to Zwift and a standard HR monitor. 

So – whats this got to do with the Neo losing resistance in Zwift…

Well, until I stated to use the Zwiftalizer application I could not work out why the Neo was losing resistance. Zwiftalizer looks at the Zwift log and provides you with analysis of your PC / Mac performance during a session. 

I realized that i was going out to my garage wearing my running shoes…when zwift started up it would connect to all my known devices, so even if i selected a ‘Ride’ it still connected to my Garmin footpod. The Garmin footpod was ‘woken up’ or activated when i put the shoes on and walked to the garage.

However, after a while of inactivity the Garmin footpod will just deactivate which, as you can see from the screen grab, caused a dropout on Zwift for a moment. Although the connections are quickly re-established the disconnect causes Zwift to lose its ability to control the resistance on the Neo.

Garmin Signal Drop
The precise moment when the footpod went to sleep, and the Neo resistance dropped


Simple. When i start up Zwift i just went into ‘Run’ mode and ‘unpaired’ my Garmin footpod. This means that Zwift is no longer connected (well, its actually just listening) to the footpod while i have my Neo session. So, even when the Garmin footpod stops transmitting, it wont cause an issue for the Zwift / Neo resistance control.

Updated on December 18, 2018

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